Adam Cull Owner First Director Adam Cull Owner First Director

With over 30 years experience in the restaurant business, Adam brings his dynamic and varietal familiarity with the hospitality industry to the forefront in the operations department of Café 13. Hiring the right people to fill the positions required is his ultimate test and challenge; while maintaining a positive and comfortable setting for the guests of the restaurant to enjoy.

Adam’s knowledge of the business includes notables such as Charcoal Steak House in Kitchener, Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda, Restaurante Ambiente in Dreieich, Germany, and Kaibo Yacht Club in Grand Cayman. Through these differing operational situations Adam has gained a fair insight into the inside workings of the restaurant business, and hopes he can pass the highlights of this mix of experience on to the guests of the restaurant to enjoy!

Chef Mike Eckhardt Chef Mike Eckhardt
Mike Eckhardt Head Chef

Kendra Clark Kendra Clark
Kendra Clark Manager / Coordinator

Mark P. Parsons Web Master Mark P. Parsons Web Master
Mark Parsons Web Master

With over ten years of hospitality experience and two years of web development it only made sense to be the web master for Cafe13. My priority is to bring a comprehensive, easy to use interface to our web presence. I’m always looking for input and new ideas to bring a better viewing experience to the user though I do love praise and welcome criticism, so feel free to message me.

Mark Parsons